Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2, 2016 

Here's the first of the divorce tabloids. I'll start with Peeps because it's the most innocuous, but anybody who can read this and see hope for a reconciliation - pass me the crack pipe. No, they don't know jackshite, but it sounds dire and ironic considering Brad dumped Ticky because he'd outgrown her and wanted more. Peeps essentially says the same of Angie - that she was bored with their life and wanted to do something else, ie, get more involved in the UN, and Brad just didn't fit into the scenario anymore. What's comical about that is, of course, the news from Dudline the other day that Angie was in talks to star in a new movie. Peeps says they'll always love each other, but sometimes you just got to let shite go. I got depressed just reading this - and I've already resigned myself to the divorce going through. Whether the sources are real or not, one thing is true, this could have been handled a lot quieter with a joint statement . However, Peeps printed this issue before they knew about the DCFS situation because they mention a "breaking point" but don't say what it was. They thought they were beating everybody else to publication when they stopped the presses on the Michael Strahan cover and substituted this one instead - and now all the other tabs have the info on the plane incident - and Peeps doesn't. Oops!.

It'll probably be tomorrow night before I post the other tabs. I decided I cannot abide the thought of scanning 60 pages 1 at a time so I'll wait until the work copier is fixed tomorrow and do the scanning there. Shhhhhhh!

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