Monday, April 27, 2015

US LIES WEAKLY - APRIL 18, 2005's the deal...the thing I was going to post? I'm missing a page. Now I have to try to find it or post it without the last page - and I hate not reading the end of something, so I'll wait until I find it.  IF I can find it. 

In lieu of making fun of Ticky some more...Here's an US Lies Weakly article from April 18, 2005, that covers their trip to Palm Springs to for W Domestic Bliss photo shoot. Brad and his missing sensitivity chip had a great time with Angie and Maddox. I don't think I've posted this one before and you know this stuff drives the hens crazier and crazier. This will give the Fat Fvckers something to convene about tomorrow. Maybe they can get some conspiracy theories out about Brad's expanding waistline out of a 10 year-old tabloid article. If anyone can - they can. Plus it's always comical to see how much stuff US Lies Weakly got wrong...

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