Sunday, January 31, 2010


Magazines dated February 8, 2010

This isn't going to be my usual snarky tab report simply due to the fact that I was too busy this weekend to waste time on the likes of OuttaTouch, Star, Lies & Shite, notOK, National Enquirer and US Lies Weakly. That's not to say that I didn't read them and get my usual chuckles. I did do that, but I didn't have time to take notes. Suffice it to say that "crack is wack" and rife at the offices of the weekly tabloids. It still amazes me that grown ass people get paid to lie about celebrities for a living. On the list of Most Revolting Occupation in the World Tabloid Hack has to be in the top 10 - losing out only to Donald Trump's hair stylist and BFF to X (sorry, Courteney, but somebody's gotta do it and as long as it ain't me it might as well be someone who's  a really big bitch in her own right).

Enough of why I was too lazy to write a tab report this weekend. Let me just say - GO ROGER!

Here's what I've got for this weekend - the Peeps version of events and the US Lies Weakly version of events. I caved and bought the US simply because I was in a hurry. Jann Wenner can thank me by washing some of that oily goop (not Putrid) out of his hair. I also bought the Peeps, which I usually only do if Brad or Angie have a baby, for the under-the-table ass-kisser version of events. Gotta compare and contrast, ya know...

 When you read the US Lies Weakly story see how many of their claims you can find that are spun off comments either Brad or Angie made in past interviews. For instance, US claims their insider says Angie is always telling Brad he can't do anything right - but Brad loves to cook for the kids. Supposedly  Angie yells at Brad because the eggs are too runny. Fact - back when Angie was promoting TGS she gave an interview to a reporter at the Washington Post. She made the comment that she couldn't cook and the reporter asked her how bad was she. Angie said, "I said to Brad one day, 'I'd like to make some eggs' and Brad said, 'Don't.'"  Then there's the claim that Angie thinks Brad wastes money on his art and architecture hobbies that could be better spent on their humanitarian projects. Yeah...that's why SHE took him to view the FLW house for his b-day. A special showing for them only and the curators had to open the house on a day they were normally closed. All of which Angie paid for. And lets not forget the reports from the Bansky art show that had ANGIE picking out the paintings SHE liked and Brad plunking down almost $400K for them. Then US claims Brad has a $2MIL Bansky painting. Or how about the fact that for Angie's last VF photo shoot she used that $1MIL chair that Brad owns that's 1 of only 6 or 7 in existence?

Oops...I'm ruining your fun! Happy hunting with the US article - and to the trolls reading these articles, remember to genuflect and say 10 Hail Mary's before reading your US bible. I wouldn't want you to not get into Troll Heaven simply because you were disrepectful. See how thoughtful I can be? No need to thank me. I'm sure it's beyond your meager language skills anyway.









African Girl said...

Thanks PT. US Weekly does lie weakly. Lol.

first and last post said...

wow PT. thanks for all your time and efforts on this. It's nice to know someone like you is on top of the lies with facts that you amazingly keep freshly your sense of humor. It must have been difficult for you to read although I'm sure you approached it like an editing project. Thanks again.