Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tabloid Report - covers April 30, 2012 issues

It's been a long time since I've done a tab report on Blogger. I'm surprised my account is still active. Normally I would do this as straight text but this time in my infinite wisdom I decided to do it as a table for comparison purposes, ie, so you could compare one tab's story to another for "fact" checking purposes...such as they are. Turns out I outsmarted myself because I ended up having to do an 11"x17" page which I converted to PDF. The only thing is...I can't upload a freaking PDF to Blogger! It'll only accept image files, ie, jpgs, gifs, tiffs. So then I converted the PDF to a jpg and uploaded it but the Blogger software only allows a certain level of image quality and it reduced the quality to the point where the JPG was unreadable even when you downloaded it and used pc software to zoom/enlarge it. PITFA! I've had to upload the PDF to a file sharing service, which is another PITFA because in order to download it you're forced to answer some fake question that is basically an ad so they can get paid for providing this "free" service. Ain't the internet wonderful? I read the other day that internet ad revenues in 2011 were $31 BILLION (you're welcome, Jared). I remember when it was barely $1MIL and everyone said it was a stupid idea and it'd never catch on....

Er...I digressed... Anyway...the tab report is at the link below. You will see a question that you have to respond to or a graphic link that says DOWNLOAD like the image below. If you have problems downloading let me know and I'll try to come up with another way of making the file available...that involves as little work as possible...

Download April 30, 2012 tabloid Report -

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Junnie said...

Dear PT,
Would you like to reupload the file by ?
I can't dl file from your link.
Thank you so much :)