Sunday, August 11, 2013

Okay, so here's the US story on Ticky's meeting with VV in Feb 2005. The meeting was at a hotel not the Polo Lounge. I thought VV's agent was with them, but it was actually Ticky's old fuck buddy Scott Stuber, who she met through Brad, but that's another story. What's funny is that US said Ticky politely shook his hand when they parted. This was back in the days before RHI and Derailed bombed and Ticky still thought she was about to become the romcom queen. The US issue is dated Feb 21, 2005 and the story was about Ticky "moving" on from Brad. Which, is ironic before the week before their Feb 14 cover story was "Brad Wants Jen Back!"...just in time for Valentine's Day!  The story was filled with a bunch of shit about Ticky's b-day party, leaked to them by Huvsy, natch, and claimed that Ticky later hooked up with Brad in the hotel where he was staying and they were trying to work things out. A week later they had Ticky "moving on" and possibly dating VV and they were blathering on about Angie arriving back in the U.S. on Feb 2 and was picked up by the same limo that picked up Brad & Ticky when they returned from Angilla and that Angie later met with "Brad's agent". It wasn't Kevin Huvane it was Todd Shemarya who used to book Brad's commercial endorsements (and then Angie's) and was later involved in a lawsuit with his former assistant who said he regularly talked smack about Brad and Ticky and called Brad his cash cow (only not as politely).'s the entire article so you can bust out your Babs cds and queue up "The Way We Were" as US prattles on about Ticky having "tea with a sexy actor" - and yes, they meant VV. Stop laughing. I especially like the photo caption where Ticky told Vogue she loves antique shops and she's not big on NEW furniture...which is why she then bought a house and furnished it in all modern and contemporary furuniture and then had it featured in Brad's favorite magazine and cackled on about her love of architecture and design. Remember this simple formula -

Ticky + lips moving = lying

PS - ...and no, I don't have the second half of the last page. As you can see from the tagging on the bottom of the article I had to go slumming into hen territory a few years back and found this article a bunch of others from 2005. Since the last page was about Angie and Brad...needless to say the hens didn't have that page. Sore losers... Break out a new box of Puffs or the ice cream...just depends on if you're a hen trolling Jared's Angie threads where your dumb ass shouldn't be anyway...

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